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Whether you're an individual, an SME or a big company, we’ll support your credit and financing plans with sound advice and increase your business flexibility through customized financing solutions. Whatever it’s for extra liquidity, real estate, working capital financing or hedging cross-border business, the sooner you talk to us, the closer we can tailor an individual or  corporate finance packages to your needs with our partners.

Enhancing Long-Term Plans

Credit strategies can allow you to:

  • Transfer wealth to future generations or charitable organizations, according to your wishes

  • Take advantage of tax efficiencies to help preserve and grow your wealth over time

  • Diversify a concentrated stock position to lower portfolio risk without selling assets

  • Add leverage to investments to potentially enhance future returns

Gaining a Tactical Advantage

Having a line of credit in place or a loan, you can:
  • Take advantage of unexpected opportunities as well as planned investments

  • Meet tax obligations and finance large purchases or acquisitions

  • Preserve cash for emergencies or other purposes

  • Buy a home or vacation property

Creating Financial Flexibility

  • Lines of credit secured by marketable securities

  • Structured credit solutions to finance private aircrafts, fine art, life insurance premiums or other illiquid assets.

  • Private equity and project investment financing

Business Case

Finding financing solutions with a business partner

We have expertise in raising capital and financing for companies operating in emerging markets. Our strategic partnership with KLAHAN LIMITED (Cypress), acting as a treasury center of the group and specialised in introducing investments programs on CIS manufacturing and industrial markets, gives us a large spectrum of financing opportunities in the region.


Through a network of financial partners across Europe, financial know-how and investment financing services (lending, leasing, treasury management, etc.) are provided to the group for any specific market and in complete independence.

Each operating company of the group carries out financing with its own funds and bears risks autonomously. Having common general investment principles in accordance with the group centrally established guidelines, each entity applies then its own policies and makes independent decisions on choosing investment projects and determining relevant conditions and efficient ways of financing.